"Music is a memory bank for finding one's way about the world."

-Bruce Chatwin, Songlines

Welcome to Seven Seas Music!

Before you is a labor of love that has been well over two years in the making. While we're located in the San Francisco heart of, well, every online platform ever created, that doesn't mean $16 billion dollar investments are raining from the sky, or that code writes itself. We have painstakenly assembled Seven Seas Music one inch and one artist at a time, rubbing two pennies together to make it a reality.

Why, you ask? Because the world is filled with amazing music. And so few people know about it. 

World music has for so long resided in one of three places, either obscurity, weirdness, or pretentiousness. Most listeners, even avid music fans, just never hear anything outside of their culture. Others may turn their nose up at something foreign and beyond their comfort zone. Then you have those "experts"...the ones who are deeper and more learned than you, who know all about world music, jazz or bluegrass, and would like to talk about what was on NPR last week.

Even calling it "world music" implies a certain degree of American arrogance and isolationsim, as in "we listen to music, they listen to 'world music.'"

But that's all changing. As the social web spreads to give humanity eyes and ears everywhere, the borders that determine what-belongs-where are eroding. Every sound from any artist is fair game, from the oldest traditions to the latest experiment. Listeners aren't just willing to hear new sounds, they're flocking to it. Jay Z's collaboration with Punjabi MC's East Indian jams has drawn more than a million plays on Spotify, which isn't available in India.

And it was none other than liquor brand Southern Comfort -- arguably the most redneck booze of the American underbelly -- who brought the storied 50 year career of Brazillian great Marcos Valle into the mainstream with their use of 1983's "Estrelar" in a quirky and well-received recent ad (see side-by-side with the original below).

We're Bringing You the World

So that's where we come in. Seven Seas is the creation of longtime music industry exec Brooke Wentz. For 10 years Brooke has run The Rights Workshop, providing music supervision and copyright clearance for such films as Bully, Bill Cunningham New York, Melancholia, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, American Hardcore, McConkey, Mother of George and After Tiller. She's served as ESPN's music director, A&R manager for Arista Records, and as a radio host on NPR (natch...) covering new music.

But most importantly for us, Brooke is also a Billboard-award winning record producer whose critically acclaimed recordings of world music, including "Global Meditation," "Global Celebration," "Voices of Forgotten Worlds," and "Africa: Never Stand Still" have been revered by many through the years. Her three-CD set "Global Divas” produced for the 1996 Third World Conference on Women in Beijing received recognition from Hillary Clinton.

It's this love and knowledge of global music that inspired Seven Seas. Media is everywhere, and it's ready for great sounds from all corners of the planet. So whether you're shooting the next "Slumdog Millionaire," a Nike ad for the World Cup, or a corporate video for your conference in Beijing, you'll find your soundtrack somewhere on our map. Enjoy.